White Label Mobile Apps And Mobile Apps Resellers

White Label Mobile Apps

Making money with apps is the biggest challenge for any body. It is tedious job to develop the app and to market the apps. Some people may be good at app development and poor at marketing the app. The same way some people may be good at marketing but doesn’t know how to program.

For all the people who doesn’t know how to program or donot have enough time to spend on development , the concept of White Label Mobile Apps helps. There are several people who are already working in INT companies or working as designers and really cannot afford spending time on the app but want to venture in to apps. Similarly , there are people with good funds in hand and want to try their hands in app business. For these people , the best choice of venturing into Mobile Apps is through White Label Apps.

White Label Apps by definition are the apps with ready made functionality and can be published live with just a few non-technical changes like changing the name , changing the icon etc.

Classic examples of White Label Apps are Hospital Apps , Utility Apps , Game Apps. If you have ever heard of Candy Crush App or Angry Birds App , there are hundreds of versions of similar apps that you can buy and publish on your name by making a few changes.

Some other examples include Hospital White Label Apps. Most of the functionality required in an app for hospitals is more or less the same. So, most developers include the basic functionality like Patient Signup , Patient Dashboard etc in their apps and sell them as White Label App Solutions to hospitals.

This kind of selling is a Win-Win to both parties. Some people have time while some have money. As a developer , the developer need not worry about the marketing and as the management ( for example Hospital Management) , the management need not worry about any technical stuff. Saves money and time for both parties.

Some other examples of White Label Apps –

Restaurant White Label Apps – Reserve a Table , Check Timings , See The Menu etc the are general options available in these apps

Gym And Health/Fitness White Label Apps – See the membership details , see the demo videos , check calender , get a trainer , view trainer schedule etc can be seen in these kind of apps.

Bar & Club White Label Apps – See the events / parties in the Club , Subscribing for a membership for the club etc are some general options in these kind of apps

Spa & Saloon White Label Apps – People can see what are the timings of the spa or book a slot from with in the app , order a product , check for a product availability

Doctors and Laywers White Label App – All details about a specific doctor / lawyer etc

Real Estate White Label Apps – Comes with functions like – you can register and see the available properties for sale or last sold properties , get the legal documentation etc.

Community/Leasing Office White Label Apps – Comes with typical functions in the App like able to see the community plan , see the events , see the timings , pay the rent online with in the app , request for maintenance etc.

Ecommerce Mobile Apps – Functionality like viewing products , buying , ordering products , cancellations , returns. As a admin , administrator should be able to add products , add coupons , change prices etc.

So, these apps come with the most needed functionality in that domain. When you are buying a White Labelled Mobile App , you can always get it customized for a small price if you need any changes in the app. Make sure you verify the license before buying these apps.

If you don’t want to go for a White Label App and either want to get the app outsourced or build it yourself , you can read about it here. In either cases , make sure the technology on which the app is built is what you want.