Resize App Icons For Corona SDK App Using Imagemagick In Less Than 2 Seconds


If you are a App developer using Corona SDK for app development , you need to provide App Icons in multiple sizes for the best experience of users to cater multiple screen sizes.





Imagemagick is one of the best open source software tools for image processing. The simplest way to resize your app icons into multiple sizes is to use a simple batch file.

Follow the below steps.

1) Install imagemagick

2) Create your icon of size 1024*1024 and name it as 1024.png and keep it in a folder.

3) App Icon Generator and keep the AppIconGenerator.bat in the same folder of the 1024.png

4) Double click and run the AppIconGenerator.bat and you should see multiple sizes of the app icon being generated in the folder with the required names as per Corona.

So, if you are using Corona SDK for app development or if you need to resize your app icons , you can do it in 2 seconds.

Below are the typical sizes you need when you are developing app using Corona.

ic_launcher.png – Size 144×144
Icon.png – Size 57×57
Icon@2x.png – Size 114×114
Icon-40.png – Size 40×40
Icon-40@2x.png – Size 80×80
Icon-60.png – Size 60×60
Icon-60@2x.png – Size 120×120
Icon-72.png – Size 72×72
Icon-72@2x.png – Size 144×144
Icon-76.png – Size 76×76
Icon-76@2x.png – Size 152×152
Icon-hdpi.png – Size 72×72
Icon-ldpi.png – Size 40×40
Icon-mdpi.png – Size 60×60
Icon-ouya.png – Size 1024×1024
Icon-Small.png – Size 29×29
Icon-Small@2x.png – Size 58×58
Icon-Small-40.png – Size 40×40
Icon-Small-40@2x.png – Size 80×80
Icon-Small-50.png – Size 50×50
Icon-Small-50@2x.png – Size 100×100
Icon-xhdpi.png – Size 120×120
Icon-xxhdpi.png – Size 144×144
iTunesArtwork.png – Size 512×512
iTunesArtwork@2x.png – Size 1024×1024
playstore-icon.png – Size 512×512

Alternatively if you are using a Vector Image for your app icons or struggling deciding between Raster and Vector Images for your app icons , you can read here.