Corona SDK vs Game Salad For Mobile App Development

Corona vs Gamesalad

Are you struck deciding between Corona SDK and Game Salad for your App development?

If you are new to app development and thinking of what tools/applications you have to use for your app development , please see below.

The below comparison is for people looking at app development at zero cost ( for the tools )

Corona SDK

– Free for both Android and iOS

– Corona is for programmers. Its not a drag and drop kind of tool

– Easy and quick

– No custom splash screen

– Free for Windows Publishing

– Can use ad networks in Free version

Game Salad

– Free for iOS

– Paid for Android

– Mainly for non-programmers

–┬áCustoms splash screen

–┬áPaid for Windows Publishing

– Cannot use ads in free version

In short – If you are a programmer atleast with proficiency in one language , go for Corona. Corona uses lua for app development and its easy to learn.

Note: Gamesalad is still great and recommended for non-programmers who want to get into App development. It is like a drag and drop tool where you can add characters to your scene , make them move etc.