Can I Make Money From Mobile Application Development using Corona?

Mobile App Development - Making Money

Can I make money from App Development using Corona?

This is the question I was often asked when I talk about Corona. Just like any other tool , Corona need to be properly used for Mobile Application Development to make out money. Like any other product or service , you need to market your app to make out revenue. Just by publishing the app on the App store or Play store , you cannot except it to be noticed and downloaded by people.

So, you need to make sure your app reaches people. At least the first app needs a decent amount of audience. Once your first app is successful in a store , it becomes easy to play and experiment with your next set of apps by introducing “More Apps” section in your first app.

It is always to tough to get audience for your the first app that you develop or the first website you build. Once you have some traffic for your website or app , its easy to build from there.

As long as you can get people to download your app , it doesn’t matter whether you built your app using Corona or Android or Swift. You can make money.

So, you can absolutely make money by building apps with Corona sdk.

Making mobile apps using Android or Swift is way too tough for beginners and the initial learning curve is long. If you are looking to develop 2D apps like Word Search Puzzles Apps, Find The Differences Apps, Children Apps, Drawing and Tracing Apps , Reminder Apps , Business Apps or 2D Physics based games , then Corona suits you. Corona is quick and easy. With in less than an hour , you can start developing your app.¬†But if you are looking at developing a 3D game app , Corona isn’t for you.

In fact, you can start writing the code the in just 5 minutes in Corona using lua. Lua is the language thats used for writing code in Corona. Lua is a easy to write language.