10 Reasons To Have A Website Before Publishing Your Mobile App

Website For Mobile Apps

Do I need a website for publishing a mobile app?

Is it good to have a website for a app? Do I need a FB page or Do I need a Twitter Account for promoting app?

Is it worth spending the time on setting up website for app developers? What is the cost of setting up a website?

If these questions ponder you all the time , you are at right place. If you ever wonder what has a website to do with promoting an app , see below.

1) To write about  the app

You need  place to talk about your app. Build the space yourself and keep writing about it. This will help in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your app. Write as much as you can about your app with strong keywords.

2) Set up a Facebook page / Twitter Page and provide link to your site 

Make sure you set up a FB page and Twitter Page and provide links to your website. This will give atleast 2 backlinks to your site from highly popular sites like Facebook and Twitter. If possible set up pages on Google+, Pintrest , Stumbleupon etc. Social Media is a very powerful tool and you may get great traffic from these places to your site

3) Make some additional income with Google Adsense ads on your website

On you website , you can set up ads from Google Adsense , a highly popular advertising network on globe. Its easy to setup. Even if you have 20 to 30 visitors coming in to your site , you can end up making an extra $10-$30 per month which can cover your complete website costs for the whole year. With a decent traffic , you can make anywhere between $400-$500 a year and that small extra amount will help you in advertising in your app.


4) Providing a back link from your App to your Website

Have a back link setup on your App that links to your Website. May be something like “Powered By XYZ Website” or “Built By ABC Website”. Or you a splash screen and build your brand. Once you do this for your first couple of apps , people will start recognizing your brand/website and start connecting to your apps.

Mobile App Branding With Website

Mobile App Branding With Website


There are high chances that people may contact you for a business opportunity either for displaying ads or for buying your apps/app portfolio.

5) Professional support email with your domain name

When you publish your app , you will have an option to enter your support email id. If people see a Gmail id or a Yahoo id or a AOL id , they may not take you seriously. An id something like support@myapp.com will make them take you a serious app developer and increases the chance that people download your app. Look professional.

Mobile Apps Email Support

Mobile Apps Email Support

6) Costs you just $1 Per Year 

Goto https://instantdomainsearch.com and search for a domain name and get your domain name for just 99 cents.




Once you have the domain , you need a hosting account to hook your domain. You can get a free hosting account from http://www.000webhost.com and hook both the domain and hosting.

Free Web hosting for Mobile Apps

Free Web hosting for Mobile Apps

Or for you can go for a paid hosting account at $10 per year. Yes , a basic plan should cost you around $10 for whole year. Some plans also offer you a free domain name.

Its worth several times the $10

7) Setting up and building site is easy

Use https://wordpress.org and setup your site less than 5 minutes and start writing about your app.

Most of the hosting providers have one click install options.

You can also look for WordPress alternatives here http://smallbiztrends.com/2014/01/wordpress-alternatives.html

Mobile App Development - Set Up Site With Wordpess

Mobile App Development – Set Up Site With Wordpess

Its worth the time

8)  Easy To Tell People

Its easy to tell people about your site name than asking them to goto Play store and search for your app or giving them a link of playstore/app store

9) To make professional reviewers take you seriously

With no official website and no professional email id , most of the reviewers and reviewing sites dont take you seriously and you may miss a great opportunity being reviewed by them.

10) Age of the domain matters in search engine rankings

Search engines always consider the age of a domain as one of the ranking criteria. The older the website the better is your ranking. So instead of waiting to build a website after your app is released , start your website first and start writing about your app. Even if your app is in stealth mode , give a brief idea to people on what you are doing or set up a launch page on your website and invite early signups.

If you need any help on website setup , comment here or reach me through the contact page.