Corona SDK For Your Mobile App Development


Corona SDK is a great platform. Making money with Corona is possible. Corona is just a platform to make apps. If you think you can make money from apps , then yes , with Corona you can make money.

In the current scenario where the app stores are flooded with millions of apps , you may not be able to a million dollars with your apps but surely you can make a few thousands of dollars by publishing more and more apps and reach people. Corona makes the process easy. Learning Corona is easy and fun.

With Corona , you can start writing an app in less than 5 minutes and can make a decent app in a week. Biggest advantage with Corona is you can generate iOS , Android and Windows Mobile App from the same code base. Great , right?? And above all, its totally Free to develop apps using Corona. Neither you need to include any splash screen nor Corona puts ads in your app. When they say its Free , yes , it is literally Free.

Whether you are going to publish apps on iOS or Android or Windows Apps , your code base remains same. So, code and develop once app and publish to multiple stores.

Corona is not for you if you are looking for 3D Game Development. Instead , you need to start looking at Unity for app development if you are planning for 3D Game/App Development.

And yes , Corona supports ad networks like Admob, Vungle and others. So, even if you are planning to build free apps and make money out of ad revenue , Corona suits you.

One other advantage of Corona is – The same Corona code can be used to publish HTML5 Apps – The apps that can be played on browser. Though the HTML5 Apps options is not yet ready but CoronaLabs is moving in that direction.

Another advantage that will be soon live is Windows and Mac Desktop Apps. Corona is also making is possible to write Windows and Mac Desktop Apps using Corona LUA. Corona is surely hitting the target and capturing app developers market. More and more people are joining Corona.

So, if you are planning for a 2D app or a Utility app or a Word search game app or a Youtube kind of App, start learning Corona.