McPeppergames – Indie Game Development Studio Interview

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Interview with Chris Noeth (CEO McPeppergames) from McPeppergames ( http://mcpeppergames.com) on App Development and journey with Corona SDK.

Brief us about you/your company?

McPeppergames was founded in Germany in April 2013 by educator Daniela Mach and myself with the goal to develop high quality apps for kids. I’m a computer scientist and game artist and I’m working in the game industry since 1999. In the last years I’ve worked for different mobile game companies like for example www.handy-games.com (Townsmen) and flaregames (Royal Revolt). I quit my last job to join Daniela developing apps and running our own business.

After creating more than 20 apps for kids so far, McPeppergames has also started with the development of games for an older audience and we are very excited about our upcoming game projects.

McPeppergames_Corona SDK

McPeppergames_Corona SDK

What made you to decide using Corona for your app?

I’ve known Corona from a personal project I was working on with a colleague some years ago, so this seemed like a great way to develop a game for both iOS and Android at the same time. I introduced Corona to Daniela, who then started working on her first app for kids. We have worked with Corona ever since. The main reason for this was the growth of the Corona features and it’s community. If you encounter a problem with your code you always get help in the forums from the Corona staff or other developers.

What are the challenges you have faced in using Corona for your apps?

The time before the graphics 2.0 Corona features were hard. Corona then was not able to let us do all the effects we wanted to show in our apps. But thankfully this has changed and Corona now has grown to a very powerful and fast 2D package.

Do you plan to use Corona for your other apps in future?

While looking into other app development options we are still using Corona for a huge part of our apps and I’m sure Corona will be a part of McPeppergames for a very long time.

Do you suggest Corona for other app developers?

It depends on what they want to achieve with their apps. I can suggest Corona to all app developers who want to create a stunning 2D based app or game. If you have a C or C++ programming background working with LUA can be a little nerve-racking in the beginning, but if you just start programming, Corona and working with LUA is highly recommended.

Where can we find your apps on Google Play or App Store?

McPeppergames apps can be found in both the Apple App Store here:

and on Google Play here: