9 Ways of Making Money With Mobile Apps

Mobile App Development - Ways To Make Money

People develop and publish apps either to get some money or fame or for fun. Most of the people also want to make some passive income from developing apps. Who doesn’t love a passive income? For people who want to make… Continue Reading


Choosing Technology For Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development Technology

First time app development isn’t easy. But if you ask a couple of questions yourself and plan accordingly , it shouldn’t be tough to come up with an app and release it. Lets see how to decide on what technology… Continue Reading


Mobile Application Development – Freelancer vs App Development Company vs Learn To Code Yourself

Mobile Application Development

For developing an App, whether you are looking to hire a Freelancer or outsource your App to an App Development Company or learn to code yourself , read below. Bullet points  1) Choose your technology first. Discuss and talk to people. Donot… Continue Reading


Resize App Icons For Corona SDK App Using Imagemagick In Less Than 2 Seconds


If you are a App developer using Corona SDK for app development , you need to provide App Icons in multiple sizes for the best experience of users to cater multiple screen sizes. Imagemagick is one of the best open source software… Continue Reading