Love for Corona SDK – 300 Apps in 300 Days – Mobile Apps Success Story

Mobile App Development

This is the story of a small Indie Studio based out of US/India. When we first started in 2015 with our apps, we were actually planning to develop the apps using Android Studio. During this time, we came across Corona… Continue Reading


Word Shuffle App – Corona SDK Word Game Template

Corona SDK Word Game Template Word Shuffle

Today , lets learn Mobile App Development with Corona SDK by making a Word Shuffle Game. Note : The tutorial teaches you how to built using a stand alone Corona module without using Composer or Storyboard scene management. If you… Continue Reading


Corona SDK AdMob Template – Banner Ads And Interstitial Ads In Mobile Apps

Corona SDK Google Admob Ads

It is increasingly getting tough to make the user pay for an app. While there are 9 ways to make money from apps , making money from ads is the easiest of all. Implementing ads with Corona SDK is the… Continue Reading


Corona Free Version Supported Mobile Ad Networks


Most programmers major revenue source is Ads. Even though there are multiple ways of making income from apps , the easiest way is to earn from Ads. And Yes , Corona programming supports ads. You can use ads in Corona… Continue Reading